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We can provide training to teams on a bespoke basis to help them as part of their roles and responsibilities. Our training can be delivered and tailored to boards, senior management and individual departments.

Why leading firms choose us as their partner.

"We engaged Buckingham Capital Consulting for our vulnerable customer training needs, and their specialised training  has been invaluable in equipping our staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively support and serve vulnerable customers.

Buckingham Capital Consulting demonstrated their deep understanding of vulnerable customers. Their training sessions were thoughtfully designed to increase awareness, empathy, and practical ways for providing tailored support to vulnerable individuals.

Their team of experienced trainers delivered engaging and interactive training sessions that covered topics such as identifying vulnerability indicators, effective communication techniques, and appropriate handling of sensitive information. The training content was relevant, insightful, and focused on practical application in our day-to-day customer interactions."

Our services - Training


We can provide training to your teams on a bespoke basis to help them as part of their roles and responsibilities. Our training can be delivered and tailored to boards, senior management and departments.

Vulnerable customer training

We can provide bespoke training to your front-line staff and those involved in working with vulnerable customers.

Complaint handling training

We can provide training to your team or individuals involved in the customer complaint process.

Staff competence assessment

We can advise you on the competence of your staff to ensure that they have the required skills, knowledge and experience to discharge their responsibilities.

Assessment of suitability and qualification requirements

We can assess the suitability of your management and key employees.

Consumer duty training

We can deliver training on the new consumer duty to your board, senior management and departments, tailored and delivered on a 1-2-1 or group basis.

Sectors we serve

We partner with startups and unicorns, providing tailored assistance for license authorisation, compliance, and support across the UK & Europe.


We assist businesses, from startups to established firms, with UK & EU EMI licensing, compliance, training, policy, and more.

We help retail, private and investment banks with authorisation applications, PRA & FCA compliance, financial crime and training.

We assist firms with FCA authorisation applications, compliance and training, providing support with regulatory obligations.

We provide comprehensive assistance to general insurers and Lloyd's of London brokers across compliance, training and authorisation.

We offer a range of services including compliance, training, and authorisation support, tailored for mortgage providers and brokers.

We help clients with regulatory licence authorisation applications as well as risk and compliance, across a number of countries.

We work with UK and European regulators and can help you become authorised to offer investment services as a regulated business.

We assist open banking firms, including AISPs and PISPs, with compliance, training, regulatory authorisation, and regulatory support.

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