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FCA Safeguarding audits for payment and e-money firms


Payment institutions and electronic money institutions play a vital role in the UK financial landscape, providing essential services to businesses and consumers alike. To ensure the safety and security of customer funds, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has implemented stringent safeguarding requirements. As an FCA compliance expert, Buckingham Capital Consulting understands the complexities involved in meeting these obligations. In this article, we will explore the FCA's requirements for payment and electronic money institutions and highlight how our expertise can assist firms in successfully completing the annual safeguarding audit.

Understanding the FCA's Safeguarding Requirements

The FCA has established robust regulations to protect customer funds held by payment and electronic money institutions. These requirements are designed to mitigate the risk of financial loss and maintain the integrity of the financial system. Key aspects of the safeguarding requirements include:

  1. Segregation of Customer Funds: Payment and electronic money institutions must ensure that customer funds are held separately from their own operational funds. This separation creates a clear delineation, safeguarding customer assets in the event of the institution's insolvency.

  2. Proper Reconciliation and Record-Keeping: Institutions must maintain accurate and up-to-date records of customer funds, providing a clear audit trail. Regular reconciliation processes must be in place to ensure that customer balances match the funds held.

  3. Appointment of a Skilled Auditor: The FCA requires payment and electronic money institutions to undergo an annual safeguarding audit conducted by a skilled auditor. This audit evaluates compliance with the safeguarding requirements and provides assurance to the FCA and customers that funds are appropriately protected.

The Importance of the Annual Safeguarding Audit

The annual safeguarding audit is a critical component of compliance for payment and electronic money institutions. It ensures that firms are adhering to the FCA's safeguarding requirements, thereby protecting customer funds and maintaining the trust and confidence of stakeholders. The audit provides an independent assessment of an institution's financial controls, record-keeping processes, and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

How Buckingham Capital Consulting Can help

At Buckingham Capital Consulting, our team of experienced FCA compliance experts specialise in helping payment and electronic money institutions navigate the complex landscape of safeguarding requirements. We provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and successful annual safeguarding audit process.

  1. Expert Guidance and Compliance Review: Our FCA compliance experts possess in-depth knowledge of the safeguarding requirements and will guide your institution through the compliance process. We conduct a thorough review of your existing safeguarding practices, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring alignment with regulatory standards.

  2. Preparation and Documentation: We assist in preparing the necessary documentation required for the annual safeguarding audit, including robust policies and procedures, reconciliations, and record-keeping frameworks. Our experts ensure that your documentation meets the FCA's expectations and provides a clear demonstration of compliance.

  3. Audit Support and Remediation: We provide ongoing support throughout the audit process. If any areas of non-compliance are identified, our experts work closely with your institution to develop and implement remediation strategies, ensuring timely resolution.


Compliance with the FCA's safeguarding requirements is of paramount importance for payment and electronic money institutions. The annual safeguarding audit plays a vital role in providing assurance to regulators and customers that funds are adequately protected. By partnering with Buckingham Capital Consulting, you gain access to a team of FCA compliance experts dedicated to guiding your institution through the complexities of safeguarding compliance.

Our comprehensive services, including expert guidance, compliance review, documentation preparation, skilled auditor selection, and audit support, ensure a seamless and successful annual safeguarding audit process. Trust in our expertise to help your institution meet the FCA's safeguarding requirements, maintain compliance, and build trust with customers and stakeholders.

Contact Buckingham Capital Consulting today to discuss how we can support your institution in navigating the annual safeguarding audit process and ensuring compliance with the FCA's safeguarding requirements. Let us be your trusted partner in safeguarding customer funds and maintaining regulatory compliance in the dynamic landscape of payment and electronic money institutions. Email us at


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