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Payment Services

From start-ups to global and established businesses, Buckingham Capital Consulting has been helping payment businesses since 2013 to help scale across the UK and European financial markets by obtaining regulatory licences and meeting regulatory obligations. 

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Why leading firms choose us as their partner.

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the invaluable support provided by Buckingham Capital Consulting in obtaining our payment institution licence. Their expertise in licence authorisation and their tailored approach have played a crucial role in our successful licensing process. With their guidance and attention to detail, we were able to meet the rigorous regulatory requirements and obtained our licence to operate as a payment institution.

We confidently recommend Buckingham Capital Consulting to anyone seeking expert guidance and support in the licence authorisation process for payment institutions. Their industry knowledge, experience, and commitment does really help."

Our services

We offer a range of services to help you launch your payment service business

Licence authorisation support

We provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the payment institution licence authorisation process for both SPIs and APIs, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Compliance support

We assist payment institutions in developing and implementing tailored compliance programs that meet the regulatory requirements set forth by the relevant authorities.

Regulatory reporting support

We offer guidance and support to payment institutions in preparing and submitting accurate regulatory reports required by the FCA.

Compliance monitoring and audits

We provide ongoing compliance monitoring and conduct audits for payment institutions to assess their adherence to regulatory requirements and identify areas for improvement.

Training and education

We offer training programs to keep payment institutions updated on the latest regulatory changes, fostering a culture of compliance and continuous professional development.

Payment scheme participation

We provide guidance and support for payment institutions to navigate and participate in various payment schemes, ensuring compliance with scheme rules and requirements.

Our People

Our team of regulatory and compliance experts boasts diverse backgrounds spanning various sectors, providing a holistic understanding of our clients' challenges. With our service being led by seasoned professionals, you'll have direct access to senior experts, often at the director level, ensuring personalised attention. Combining robust regulatory knowledge with commercial insight, our team delves deep into your business to tailor unique solutions specifically suited to your needs.

Why Buckingham Capital Consulting

Whether its compliance, FCA authorisation or something else, its about being part of your journey. 

Expertise from seasoned professionals

Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With years of industry experience, we offer tailored solutions and are committed to supporting you through every stage of your journey.

Comprehensive Regulatory Support

We provide a comprehensive range of regulatory consulting services, including financial reporting, audit, compliance, training, and financial crime. Count on us to manage your needs with seamless support.

We can help launch your payment fintech

Issue cards & IBANS across the UK and Europe

We can help you provide branded debit cards to personal or business users issued by Visa or Mastercard.

Issue prepaid cards across the UK and Europe

We can help you provide cards for general spend, payroll, loyalty, travel, corporate expense or for other use.

Issue e-wallets across the UK and Europe

Enable your customers to store money and digital currency in digital wallets across multiple currencies.

Launch a global money transfer business solution

Enable your users to send money globally, across Asia, Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

Launch payment processing and merchant services

With a single licence, enable merchants and retails, both physical and online, to accept card payments. 

Launch innovative payment solutions

Provide money management tools and open banking (AIS/PIS) solutions to your customers.

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