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Becoming an e-money institution

There are two types of e-money licences firms can apply for. First, you may apply to become a small e-money or electronic money institution. You can do so only if your outstanding e-money does not success EUR 5m. The registration process is cheaper and more straightforward in comparison to an authorised e-money or electronic money institution, but there are no passporting rights. Small EMIs or electronic money institutions may also provide unrelated payment services I.e. money remittance or payment processing, as long as their average monthly total of payment transactions does not exceed EUR 3m.

Your second option is to become an authorised EMI or formally, an electronic money institution. As an authorised electronic money institution, you will be subject to initial capital requirements (EUR 350k). This means providing audited account (where you have been trading long enough) or a bank statement confirming this amount.

As part of your e-money licence application, you will be required to submit a number of documents, policies and procedures, including, a business plan, your safeguarding measures (how you will keep your client money separated and ring-fenced), your governance arrangements and risk management, your procedures for managing and handling security incidents and customer complaints, your security policy, your measures against financial crime, including AML and your sensitive payment data management.

An important part of your e-money application is to ensure you meet the FCA’s threshold conditions. What are threshold conditions? Think of the threshold condition as the basic requirements you must have in place. For example, you will need to ensure that your ‘mind and management’, in other words, people such as directors, must be located in the UK. You will need to demonstrate through your application that you have appropriate resources to operate your business. This includes having sufficient financial, management, staff, and systems to manage your business. Your team should be suitable and competent for their roles. This is usually demonstrated through past work experience. You will also be expected to have in place a physical office in the UK. This may be a serviced office but virtual or e-offices will not suffice.

As part of your e-money licence application, you will need to provide details of your IT systems, including both core systems and any support systems. The FCA will expect to see that you have these in place before it issues you your registration as a small electronic money institution or as an authorised electronic money institution.

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